Friday, April 18, 2008

Clone me!

know what's no fun? everything...but what's more not fun then all of that? Strep! that's what. Strep is by far the worst non fun thing you can catch on a saturday night and sit at home and cry about how all your friends are still out having fun. Only they're not out having fun, no you'll find out a week later that they are in fact at home with the strep too. That's how unfun it is.

Alls for me to do now is take my meds, cough up a lung, run on a fever high, attempt to paint, and make marlon brando or christopher walken impersonations as my air passage condenses. whoo-hoo!!

1 comment:

The Alchemist said...

I vote for Mr Walken.

Remember "When you walk, Walken forward"