Saturday, November 24, 2007

Here then

which is worse:
describing something you can't see?
or seeing something you can't describe?

Saturday, November 17, 2007


like a fiend, I ate pumpkin seeds.

I was surprised to find out that people actually look at this blog, muwhahaha. Asking why I haven't posted anything new... well truth be told, I'm drawing less and less. I spend a lot of time coding html (self taught) I actually think from time to time that could be my day job, as much as I do it. blahhh

I think I'm just really burnt after the first round of commissions. I almost ALMOST want to shut it down... already. I needed some kind of psuedo job for here-say because I don't have money that would allow me to have a real place for creativity which would allow me to have a real job...which defeats the purpose in the first place. ehhhruuuu? I'm so confused by my own issues. I used to feel depressed but I kind of enjoy dropping the ball all over again just to see how far it rolls.

On a side note. I'm SERIOUSLY debating a 'dream journal'. I dream...constantly and I have a mind like a steel-trap so it'd be easy to pod-cast my dreams via blog. wouldn't that be nice, something for you all to read on a daily basis! my un-censored subconcious creative mind...from which the majority of my inspiration comes from. whooooo.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

lacking there of

I miss my computer, but above all I miss my health. Looks like I've concocted the flu, so early in the season too. I wish I was never sick. They should just strap me in a plastic bubble if that were any help. :( so all my art is going putzy and I'm doing nothing but MS paintings. darnit, I was doing so good for so long and then PUHHHh! oh well, just a minor setback!