Sunday, September 21, 2008

Clone Me 2

Well I had fun today... nuff said.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


This is really quite interesting, the only "free-time" I have away from art is doing more art. /; O Freelance work is really kicking me in the butt, personal projects enticing me to indulge in them, running favors and errands around town, all the while I'm trying to remember the last time I washed my hair...yuck! So I actually took the leisure time to sit down and do some artwork for the newer version of (leisure ha ha!!)

Eventually I'll get to the part I really enjoy....which is..... ..... *dead silence

nawh forget it, I don't even want to sleep anymore! At least I'm in control of my mind while I'm awake. meep! I would definitely enjoy some tea right now~oh you!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Well whaddya know I've actually been busy with art. HOLY COW!! Between the making with the webcomics and such I think I just waltzed myself into a film project as well--ha-shiiiissshhhhhh!!! I'm saving that tidbit for myself. >;P

On a personal note I will attempt to send Scorch out for some publication, once I'm done reformatting my computer AGAIN!

Monday, June 16, 2008

fortyoz. to freedom

omg...not to sound like I've hit rock bottom but my bottom feels like a rock. I was up all night playing beer pong for my friend monica's graduation. That game is disgusting but there's nothing like having friends who're still in highschool to get you to do dumb stuff. XD I obviously feel young again after sleeping on concrete floor and waking up with a gigantic bruise on my ribs...what the heck happened?

Anywhoo, portfolio time..round three. Tis a small portfolio and I barely managed to print out three books in one shot but...well its said and done, lets try it again. Wish me luck. ;p

Friday, April 18, 2008

Clone me!

know what's no fun? everything...but what's more not fun then all of that? Strep! that's what. Strep is by far the worst non fun thing you can catch on a saturday night and sit at home and cry about how all your friends are still out having fun. Only they're not out having fun, no you'll find out a week later that they are in fact at home with the strep too. That's how unfun it is.

Alls for me to do now is take my meds, cough up a lung, run on a fever high, attempt to paint, and make marlon brando or christopher walken impersonations as my air passage condenses. whoo-hoo!!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

palace of mirrors

sigh... it's crunch time again. I just love to torture myself with impossible deadlines, I can't wait to have a boss who thinks he/shes being too rough on me. ha ha ha. Other than that, I'm all over the place with my new portfolio. I finally decided on a theme but when the infatuation died down, I'm cautious that my designs are to 'girly'. nooooes why did I have to be born a woman! ...and amercian? I'm doomed to produce crapp and nothing else!

well... this next try will tell. If I get rejected AGAIN? then there really is something wrong with me. lol

Friday, January 25, 2008

it's still here!

ho ho ho when life treats you bad there is but one blog still untainted enough for me to dwell in. yeah I'm so glad this thing is still here and the major fact that NOONE READS IT HAHAHAHAAA. It's like that secret-whisper story from 2046. A place for me to utter my cryptic pleas from the outside world into the abyssmal side of the internet.
Today, I don't know what my problem is!