Saturday, January 17, 2009


I spend way too much time on tegakie.... and I'm SO BLOODY PROUD OF MY BAD~self! HAh-tah tah taaaah! tsssss....

Sunday, January 11, 2009


So between a friend and I, the topic came up in sort of a debate about traditional meets digital vs completely digital. Since I never draw with my wacom directly I only 'color' with it. So I spent a saturday morning trying this out just to see and MY GOSH it turned out pretty flippin' nifty! I mean yeah BLEGH it's a mere sketch of some fugley little girl but I enjoyed discovering how clean you can make your lines digitally after all. I must say that it seems to take a lot more time because I don't have the control or maybe that's just the feeling of sitting at a computer instead of somewhere outside while sketching. The only catch thus far is the abuse my wrist suffers because I am unable to draw/render with my arm. (certainly not on a 5x4 tablet SHAME!)

le process:

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Like a Puppy.

I've been keeping a schedule this month, it's mainly built around a project a friend and I dreamt up nearly a year ago and now I find that I can devote some time to making it, just for the hell of it. These were some early head studies of a Queen who has 'beauty in abundance'. I actually had to stop sketching her for a while because I couldn't stop laughing and the grotesque obscurity I was conjuring up...oh you'll see.....

...I also remember to keep myself ahead on updates for comics. This cover of Scorch won't be featured for a few more chapters but I had it in mind years ago and what I love about being able to draw is creating a composition that has remained in my minds eye and here it is finally, in the flesh (on paper) by my own hands. It's a warm fuzzy feeling.