Wednesday, August 29, 2007

ballz mcgee!

School is starting up again, I only had a measley week or so off because I was at summer school. Oh well, at least this is the last semester. Already I want to start another program because I'll be able to transfer my reqs and finish up twice as fast by continuing school. BUT I DON'T HAVE THE MON'AY!!!

There's so much crapp I need to update, like my computer for one. I've never actually owned my own, just a lot of burnt out hand-me downs. I'm grateful but I can't believe I'm trying to do the kind of artwork I want to do on them. I don't know how I survived coloring with a mouse in photoshop 5.0 all those years...worse yet 3.0!!! I'm going to have to start doing comissions just so I can afford to buy paper.

It's all going to come down at once... post webcomic, update portfolio site, open commissions, etc. ect. but I am so many miles, transportaionless, and several days from possible contact, away from the tools to do it... *hangs head in despair*.