Friday, February 16, 2007

character pitch

Remember how great ren and stimpy was back in the day? It was cute and awkward with the cuddly roommate thing just short of being gay... that was until networks aired it uncensored. This revealed how repressed the cat/dog couple's drama was all these years. It really turned out to be a work of art once it came out of the closet. However, a friend and I were saddend that the 'cuddlyroomate' feeling never truly existed within the series. Of course we had an idea to make a comic series centered around that concept in the shadow of shonen ai genre short of yaoi. Also challenging my typical female lead design, who always ends up lacking in personality, to take a sort of male role. Also to fuel my obession with making 'fat-things' cute. This is the first character design pitch for that series.

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